Overland Contracting, Inc. Solar - Foreman in New Smyrna Beach, Florida

Solar - Foreman

FL-New Smyrna Beach


Date published:15-Jun-2018

Opportunity:Experienced Hire

Business Line:Power

Business Plan:SOL


Overland Contracting Inc. (OCI), a Black & Veatch company, provides construction services in the open/merit shop arena. Since 1996, OCI has been an industry leader in building vital infrastructure and provides a comprehensive range of construction services in the areas of power generation, power delivery, telecommunications, and water. Tailored to fit our clients' project-specific needs, services are available through direct hire or subcontract options utilizing open or merit shop labor in support of EPC projects, as well as construction-only work for the water, energy and telecommunications markets.

Primary Purpose:

Direct and supervise the planning, lay-out, installation, testing and repair of all aspects of solar photovoltaic construction including electrical and civil components in accordance with all applicable plans, specifications, codes and industry standards. Plan and coordinate the efforts of the craft workers under his/her supervision and motivate them to accomplish the work safely, correctly and efficiently.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

• Be able to perform all of the principal duties and accountabilities of craft workers under his/her supervision. Conduct tool box meetings, implement safety measures, communicate safety concerns, work scope, plans and schedules to the crews. Assure daily STA is completed prior to the start of work.

• Lead and support all safety related processes and programs as requested. Engage with your work team to ensure we achieve zero injuries. No job is so important that your safety and that of your crew will be compromised. Watch for hazards and report any concerns to your supervisor or safety professional. If needed, use your stop work authority until the issue is resolved. Monitor crews for heat related injuries and stop work before heat stress sets in.

• Have an understanding of the scheduling, material control and unit man-hour performance reporting for a crew. Become familiar with the Field Reporting System.

• Be able to create and execute a one week schedule.

• Be able to set and execute crew goals based on the project unit rates.

• Complete timecards for correct hours and phase coding on a daily basis.

• Report all accidents and near misses to supervisor. Participate in investigation process as needed. Review accidents and the causes with employees. Hold crews accountable for safe working behaviors and working conditions.

• Lead, complete, and sign off on daily pre-job safety planning in the appropriate format. Identify safety hazards you or other employees may be subject to and take all necessary corrective action to eliminate or mitigate hazards. Assure all crew members understand, participate, and sign all pre-job safety planning tools at start and end of shift.

• Use effective verbal and written communication skills. Add, subtract, multiply and divide whole numbers and fractions rapidly and accurately.

• Listen to other employees and supervisor's suggestions, complaints, problems, safety concerns and recommendations, evaluate each and then devise and implement a plan of action based on that evaluation. Consult with supervisor and if needed HR on any issues.

• Provide on-the-job training to those individuals under his/her supervision.

• Be able to understand the site map and identify location of work areas on the map.

• Perform task planning to safely and efficiently carry out all aspects of that work assigned.

• Plan and communicate with supervisor to assure that an adequate supply of tools, materials and equipment are available.

• Gain a complete understanding of the scope of work and the related parts of the project. Develop a thorough understanding of the project plans, specifications and schedule as they relate to that portion of the work assigned.

• Participate in quantity report collection as needed on a daily/weekly basis and ensure quantity reporting is accurate.

• With regard to that portion of the work assigned, develop complete understanding of contract plans and specifications. Understand, review, and execute job work package for scheduled tasks. Assure crew plans, lay-out, diagram, install and/or repair in accordance with those plans and specifications.

• Inspect subordinate's work for compliance with the, contract plans, specifications, and industry standards. Ensure that correct construction procedures are followed during installation. Point out deficiencies, explain them, and take corrective action needed. Walk and inspect instalations daily.

• Examine/inspect field conditions and identify problems, inaccuracies, and cost saving measures that arise or that may be encountered. Take corrective actions as needed.

• Ensure that construction equipment is correctly operated, maintained, in good working order, and Daily Equipment Inspections are completed for equipment being used.

• Complete performance reviews of craft workers according to Craft Performance Assessment (CPA) Guidelines. Ensure that subordinates are qualified to perform their work as it relates to their level.

Minimum Qualifications:

Must have working experience as a Solar Technician with a strong working knowledge of the Solar Photovoltaic construction craft and the assembly, installation, or maintenance of solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for ground or roof installation. Must set standards of excellence in leadership, safety, quality and productivity for the members of his/her crew. Ability to understand and follow directions. Must have all necessary tools (see Solar Installer Tool List). Must be at least 18 years of age.

All applicants must be able to complete pre-employment onboarding requirements (if selected) which may include any/all of the following: criminal/civil background check, drug screen, and motor vehicle records search, in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations.

Preferred Job Qualifications:

Previous experience as a supervisor. One or more of the following certifications: NCCER Solar Photovoltaic Installer NCCER Electrician NCCER Concrete Finishing NCCER Carpenter

Overland Contracting Inc. (OCI), a Black and Veatch subsidiary, complies with all Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) affirmative action laws and regulations. OCI does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, religion, color, sex, national origin, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, disability, veteran status, pregnancy status or other status protected by law.